News Releases

News Release: MTW Stewardship Agreements Now Online!
December 2017

E-Newsletter: MTW Stewardship Agreements Are Going Online!
October 2017

E-Newsletter: Sm1 Detected in Most SWS Wheat
June 2017

Industry Notice: Sm1 Detected in Most SWS Wheat
May 2017

E-Newsletter: Midge Tolerant Wheat Investment Pays Off
December 2016

E-Newsletter: Wheat Midge Forecast
Winter 2016

Article: More Options to Manage Midge
Spring 2016

E-Newsletter: Mobile Version of Midge Tolerant Wheat Retailer Training Now Available
July 2015

Article: Five Years of Midge Tolerance
Spring 2015

E-Newsletter: Wheat Midge Forecast
Spring 2015

Article: Midge Tolerant Wheat Reaches Five-Year Milestone
Spring 2015

Article: Big Losses Come in Small Packages

Spring 2015

E-Newsletter: Midge Tolerant Wheat Celebrates Five Years! 
Winter 2015

E-Newsletter: Stewardship Agreements
Spring 2014

Article: Wheat Producers Committed to Protecting Midge Tolerant Technology

Spring 2014
Producers value midge tolerant wheat varieties and they are committed to protecting the long-term future of the technology. 

News Release: AC Unity VB Plant Breeders' Rights Settlement

December 16, 2013
SeCan and Gary Christianson and Eastway Holdings of Naicam, Saskatchewan have agreed to a settlement to resolve a legal action SeCan commenced for infringement of its Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) in midge tolerant wheat variety AC Unity VB.

Article Release: Fight Wheat Midge in Your Fields

January 14, 2013
Midge tolerant wheat offers built-in protection and high yields.

Article Release: Worried About Wheat Midge?

December 10, 2012
Prairie farmers realize the value of midge tolerant wheat.

Video: Using Midge Tolerant Wheat in Managing the Pest

November 22, 2012
A video on midge tolerant wheat technology.

News Release: Midge Tolerant Wheat Exceeds Expectations

March 26, 2012
A recent survey shows that Prairie farmers growing midge tolerant wheat in 2011 are pleased with the results and the program to preserve this new technology.

Article Release: Midge Tolerant Wheat Offers a Win-Win

March 13, 2012
Varietal blends deliver sustainability advantages for growers and the environment.

Article Release: Preserving Midge Tolerance

March 7, 2012
Proper stewardship ensures future generations can benefit too.

Article Release: Midge Tolerant Wheat Proves its Value in the Field

November 28, 2011
This is the second year that midge tolerant wheat has been widely available to growers and results are in. Prairie farmers are pleased.

Article Release: Midge Tolerance and More

January 26, 2011
New midge tolerant wheat varieties offer peace of mind and agronomic benefits.

Article Release: Hate Wheat Midge? Hate Spraying?

November 25, 2010
Prairie wheat growers have found an answer with midge tolerant wheat. 

Article Release: Midge Tolerant Wheat Taking Root

June 17, 2010
Early reports indicate that arrival of midge tolerant wheat has been greeted with enthusiasm by growers in areas that traditionally see high midge pressure. But experts are encouraging growers in "fringe" areas to take a strong look at the technology to assess the value it could provide for their operation.

New Midge Tolerant Wheat Website

August 31, 2009
The Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team recently launched

Farmers Control Longevity of Wheat Midge Tolerance

January 3, 2008
Producers will need to take some special steps to maintain the wheat midge tolerance in new wheat varieties – varieties that were developed with producer funding through the Western Grains Research Foundation.