Retailer Training

As a retailer of Midge Tolerant Wheat varieties, you’re required to complete the online Retailer Training Program and sign a Retailer Agreement before you make any sales. This training is vital for you to effectively educate your farmer customers about Midge Tolerant Wheat stewardship.

The course is quick and easy to complete at your convenience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A review of the wheat midge life cycle and midge damage
  • Information on how Midge Tolerant Wheat technology works, single gene resistance and the interspersed refuge system
  • Details of the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Agreement and why it is necessary
  • Quiz questions throughout the program

Within 48 hours of successful completion, you will receive an email with login credentials to the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Assurance Site (MTWSAS). You’ll be prompted to sign a Retailer Agreement and then assigned an Authorized Retailer number so that you can start selling Midge Tolerant Wheat and track your sales.

Midge Tolerant Wheat Retailer Training is approved for CEU credits by Certified Crop Advisors as well as the Manitoba and Alberta Institutes of Agrologists. (The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists does not pre-approve Continuing Professional Development.)

Begin Training Now Access The MTW Stewardship Assurance Site

Your Stewardship Role

You play a critical leadership role in Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship by educating your farmer customers. It is your responsibility to ensure every Midge Tolerant Wheat customer has a signed Stewardship Agreement.

By signing the Stewardship Agreement, growers agree to use the technology responsibly – that means limiting the use of farm-saved seed to one generation past Certified. We can’t be sure the refuge is still at the required level beyond one generation.

The online Stewardship Agreement is evergreen – they only need to sign it once – and their obligations last as long as they grow Midge Tolerant Wheat.


Q. How do I become an Authorized Retailer for Midge Tolerant Wheat?

There are two steps to becoming an Authorized Retailer for Midge Tolerant Wheat:

  1. Complete the Retailer Training Program located at
  2. Sign a Retailer Stewardship Agreement at You will receive login credentials via email from AgCall within 48 hours of successfully completing the training.

Q. How does the process work for seed growers?

All seed growers need to go through the same training and Stewardship Agreement signing process as retailers. Seed growers wholesale transfer Certified seed to Authorized Retailers using a Retailer Stewardship Agreement. Seed growers will be given login credentials to where they will post wholesale certified seed movement to an Authorized Retailer.

Q. How are Stewardship Agreements signed with growers?

The MTWSAS is a paperless system. Stewardship Agreements are signed digitally. As an Authorized Retailer, you have the capability to walk your farmer customers through a process of reviewing and signing new Stewardship Agreements electronically at

Stewardship Agreements are evergreen. Before signing a new Stewardship Agreement with your farmer customers, search the database in case he/she has already signed one with a different retailer. Under the new system, growers will only have to sign one document to purchase and use any Midge Tolerant Wheat varieties now and in the future. Agreements are no longer required every year and for every variety.

Q. How do I navigate on

MTWSAS is simple, user friendly and technologically advanced. You can access four videos outlining how to use MTWSAS once you receive your login information from AgCall. Should you need support, please send an email to or call AgCall at 587-391-1393.